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If your heart is set on south London then there are many options for you. You can stay close to the river and never really feel apart from the rest of the city, or venture further afield in to territories unknown. Brixton is booming, and Peckham has the art crowd going wild, but in the South West the atmosphere is more calm and refined. When you’re getting out of your old area, and find yourself Kennington moving, there are plenty of ways to ensure that your removal day is an easy and straightforward one.

The main thing that will help you with your move is time. Allowing for every eventuality in the long run will give you a neater perspective on how the move will play out, and allow you to prepare for even the most unlikely of problems. Getting to grips with the whole move and knowing the intricacies of every part of the process is important and will make sure that you are never left in the dark during the important day.

Using the right removals company will help with this to no end. There are thousands of companies in the United Kingdom, but getting the one that suits you can be difficult. Take the time to check as to what each company offers with each of their services, and be sure to ask lots of questions about hidden costs that may be tied up in the small print, charged for things like over time and weight limits. When you get your quote, compare it with another few companies that offer a similar set of services, and see how they compare. Should you feel like you can do better, but you like the company or their service, then try and haggle the price down to see what they can really afford to offer you. Remember however, that your relationship with your removals company must be maintained with every importance, as they will be responsible for your most precious belongings during the move, and you need them to be on your side and to behave with respect towards the delicate matter of moving your possessions.

When you have the right movers for the right price, be sure to spend time packing your items up with care. Do not over pack boxes and make them too heavy, as you of the movers may well injure themselves while lifting them. That said, do not under pack boxes, as a half empty box may collapse under the weight of another box, and crush the contents, which is obviously a disaster! Be conservative with your bubble wrap, as it is expensive, and bad for the environment, Tissue and newspaper will often be just as good, but be careful of newsprint rubbing off onto your more delicate items as the ink can stain. Non printed newspaper is available to buy should this be an issue, but it is likely less cost effective than using your old newspaper.

Check ahead that the new property is ready to move in to. Be sure that your postal redirection is sorted well in advance, and that it will come in to effect on the day of the move. Getting the house deep cleaned and re-decorated before you move is also an important tip, as it will obviously be much much easier if the place is free of clutter and furniture! Check that your appliances and boiler are all in good shape before you arrive, and make sure that your energy services will be fine to go on as you get there, so that you are not stuck in a cold dark house for the first night!