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Overwhelmed by Boxes? Here’s a Handy Guide

Packing and Boxes UKIf you are preparing to move to a new home or office, you may have already started looking for boxes in which to pack your belongings. A quick search online can reveal many different types of boxes with different wall strengths and they all come in different size. Then there are the specific boxes that are used for clothing, boxes, linens, documents and files, bottles… the list goes on. How will you know what you will need for your removal? If you are moving your home to a new house or flat, you likely have clothing, books, plates and dishes and maybe even some documents and files if you have a home office. So do you really need all the specific types of boxes? Should you purchase them one by one, or is there a better way? And if you are moving your office to a new location, what’s the best way to protect your expensive office equipment from damage?

The answer is cardboard boxes. They offer all the protection your items will likely need during the trip on the moving van. Whether your things will be traveling a long distance or a short one, corrugated cardboard offers a great deal of protection, as long as the boxes are properly packed. They are not, however, a foolproof way to protect against water or dampness. If a cardboard box is left in the rain, for example, its walls will become weakened and dampness can get to the contents inside. Otherwise, cardboard boxes are remarkable in their versatility and usefulness when it comes to packing up and moving out of your home or office.

So what boxes will you need? Well, the best way to determine exactly what you will need for your removal is to have Movers London perform a removal assessment of your home or office. We can help guide you to purchase the right materials, at the right prices, too. Our professionals have been performing assessments for years and can quickly evaluate a home or office in terms of what size moving van will be necessary, how man movers should be put on the job, and, most importantly for your packing, which boxes and how many of each type you will need. You may need a lot of heavy-duty boxes if you have a number of heavy items, such as books or figurines. You might need some extra archive boxes if you have a home office. Or you may be in need of some bottle boxes for that wine collection you have been building over the years.

Whatever your packing supplies needs, we can come through for you. We even have bespoke boxes for artwork and odd-shaped items. Call today on Call Now! if you have a specific question related to packing or boxes and we’ll get you the answer right away. Furthermore, you won’t be left all alone to do the packing yourself when you hire us. We offer a quick and affordable packing service that will have you packed up and ready to go before you know it. Why spend your evenings amidst cardboard boxes when you could be out enjoying your neighbourhood or visiting friends before you move away? The extra helping hands can get the job done with speed and expertise, so you will never have to wonder how to pack a particular fragile item or the best way to store your clothing for transport.

Packing and Boxes ServicesSo whether you are choosing between wardrobe boxes and book boxes, archive boxes or linen boxes, our company has the products and the advice that you need. If you think that you don’t have that much stuff hidden away in your cupboards and wardrobes, you might be the perfect candidate for one of our moving kits. These sets of boxes, tape, furniture protectors and marking pens are a handy way to save money and have everything you need delivered to your door. You won’t be able to forget the tape, since it’s included with everything else. There will also be bubble wrap for those more fragile items. Buying all of these items individually can be a big expense. But going in for a moving kit can really reduce the worry and the final bill. Check out our great deals today. Another trick of the trade for keeping your costs down is to order a moving kit according to what you need, and then supplementing it with a few additional single boxes, packing paper, loose fill or extra furniture covers or blankets. By shopping for packing materials only according to what you need, you will find that there will be plenty of cash left over for a nice meal out before you leave town. There are poster boxes (tubes, really), pet carriers made from cardboard and even bespoke boxes that you can determine the measurements of.

Today, there are so many options when it comes to cardboard boxes that it can be overwhelming. But sticking to the uses for which the box was intended will ensure that your items will arrive at your new home or office in perfect condition. Don’t forget to wrap fragile items and fill any gaps in the boxes. If there is space in a box, just like if there is space in the moving van, things will move around. That’s why it is sometimes best to have the professionals in to do the job. If you have the slightest doubt about the best way to pack your boxes, you can hire Movers London to do the task for you. Otherwise, stick to the basic rules of making the smaller boxes the heavier ones, keeping the larger boxes light and always placing heavier items on the bottom of the boxes and your things should arrive in tip-top shape. Throw in some silica gel sachets to make sure that damp doesn’t get into your boxes and you can be sure that you will open your boxes just as you sealed them before you left.