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As a student, Bow is a perfect place to live. The abundance of new and extremely lively culture is a great way to become ingratiated with east London, which is by far the most interesting hub for art, music, fashion and entertainment in London at the moment. The rent tends to be that little bit lower in Bow as well, as it is that little bit further out from central London, but with the central line at your disposal there is no change in accessibility, and no excuse not to have a good time! With all of this in mind you will likely be very excited by the prospect of getting moved in and on with your new life as a student in Bow. The idea of moving everything that you own from one place to another will likely put a bit a dampener on the thought of getting going, but you’re in luck, as a student you will probably be moving in to a smaller place as it will be temporary, so you can use a Bow man with van service rather than a full blown removals company. This means everything will be a lot easier and cheaper as well as quicker and less painful.

When finding the right man and van service for your student move to Bow, you should use a company that are familiar with driving in London, as you will want them to be able aware of the roads and what to look out for in terms of short cuts and avoiding London’s terrible traffic. This sort of knowledge will be the difference between the move being fairly quick and easy, and sitting still for hours as the clock runs up and the cost gets higher! It is also important that you are aware in this case, of the difference between paying a set price for the job, and using an hourly Bow removal service. If you have a good idea of the roads and the traffic and the journey is pretty short, then an hourly service is often the best way to go, as you will usually find that the hourly cost is a lot cheaper, unless there is an unfortunate change in the traffic, or an accident etcetera. These sorts of mishap are the reason that set prices are usually a lot higher as they are buffers against things taking longer. If you have the budget to pay for a larger set price job, then you should do so for the security that you will be paying a pre-determined figure. If you are looking to make a saving however, then you should accommodate yourself with the journey as well as make sure that your items will fit in the van that you have booked, and take the risk.

You can help yourself even further with making savings by doing your research in other places. Looking in less obvious places like Gumtree and the local ads is a good way to uncover smaller operations who have less overheads, and with lower outgoings come lower rates. If you think about it, larger companies will be paying for a website, phone operators and advertising, so they will charge more for their services. If you find a bloke in your area who has a van and will drive it around for £15 per hour, then you are likely to do much better in terms of value for money. The only issue will come with trust in these independent drivers, which can easily be overcome by having a friend with you, to safeguard against any trouble!