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While there are plenty of hints and tips about with relation to making your move an easier one, the most effective way of reducing hysteria in your household is to have a decent removal team supporting you. We will look in to how you should go about finding the right SE1 removal services for you.

Start by thinking about your move. Are you living in a bedsit in Elephant and castle, or a mansion in Scotland? Moving more items further will obviously require a different service to moving a few items a couple of miles, but either way, you’ll need a hand and some wheels.

Many London movers will not need the lorry size removal vans that are so commonly associated with the removals industry. If you have a one of two bedroom flat, then a large transit van will likely do the trick. You can enlist the help of friends at either end to keep costs down, so the whole SE1 move should be fairly cheap. Man and van services start at around £15 to £20 an hour in London, but if you head further out of the city and past the M25, there will most likely be a change in tariff to a cost per mile. All of these rates are very fair, but they require a decent amount of homework to be done before you start calling around. Getting to grips with how much you need to move is usually the hardest bit, as you’d be surprised by how quickly a van will fill up in comparison to your flat. What looks like only a few things indoors, rapidly becomes more than one van-full, and this can become an expensive error to make.

The issue with using a SE1 man and van service is that they are usually smaller operations or businesses. If you have very expensive items to move, then using a larger company can be the key in that they will usually have much higher (if any) insurance in place. This can be vitally important if a freak accident happens and you find yourself with an antique that has been dropped down some stairs, or a window is broken etcetera. Using a larger company does not always mean it is more expensive however, explaining your situation and budget will often yield results with companies, as they will understand that you have limited resources.

When you have decided on the company, check the parking restrictions of both areas that they will have to wait in. There can be no worse start to a move than getting an expensive parking ticket or even abuse from other drivers as you block up a narrow road! This sort of thing is always best done in advance, so that you avoid any nasty surprises on the day. A little research or a visit to the area will mean that you shall know in advance where to park and how long you can do so for.

If you are using a larger firm, then preparing them is as important as preparing yourself. Let them know the nature of your belongings, where they are in the first house, and where they are to go in the second place. This means that the team will have no surprises when they arrive and find out for the first time that there are three pianos in your attic that need to come down!

Getting the right service is the quickest way to de-stress yourself in the process of the move, so take some care in your selection and you will be half way to an easy move!