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With thousands of people shifting across cities and countries every month, it comes as no surprise that moving boxes and packing materials are some of the most highly purchased and used products in the world. Given that the average family moves at least twice in their lifetime, while most actually move homes anywhere between four and six times, one can only imagine just how many moving boxes get used up every year.

And when you take into account that cardboard is made using trees and millions of gallons of water are used in the production process, you begin to realise the heavy environmental footprint you’re making every time you decide to purchase new moving boxes instead of simply reusing old ones. Here’s a list of some great ways you can put old and used moving boxes to use again, and save some valuable time and money in the process, while also doing your bit for the environment!

Save The Boxes For Next Time
If you’re living in your own home, you and your family may not be planning to relocate again anytime soon. But if you rent, like many folks in today’s economy do, and you find yourself shifting neighborhoods every few years, or your job needs you to change cities or even countries every couple of years, packing and moving is a big part of your life. You probably know from experience just how expensive new cardboard packing boxes can get.

Instead of spending a lot of money on new boxes every time, not to mention contributing to the felling of more trees, you can simply make sure you reuse the same cardboard boxes again and again, as long as they hold up, of course. All you have to do is dismantle the boxes at the seams carefully at the end of a house moving so that they don’t break and you can fold and store them away for future use. You can always peel away old labels and replace them with new ones as you go along.

Just imagine how much money you’ll be saving each time! In fact, you can add to the entire exercise by saving other packing materials such as lining sheets and bubble wrap as well!

Give Away/Loan/Sell The Boxes To Friends And Family
We all know someone who’s moving homes nearby or moving further away at some time or the another. Instead of having your friends or relatives spend a lot of money on new packaging materials, why don’t you sell your stored boxes to them for discounted rates? You can make a little money, and save them lots! You could always just give the boxes away too; they’re a great way to help someone during that harried time!

Contact A Recycling Program
Most people wouldn’t be ambitious enough to attempt large-scale recycling projects at home, but that shouldn’t stop you from contributing to the process. If you know an organisation or a centre that offers recycling services in your city, it is a great way to use up old boxes and get some new material in the bargain. Only do this if you are sure you cannot use the boxes in their present condition again. If you don’t want the recycled material or finished products for yourself, you can donate your boxes to a charity that practices recycling.

Sell Them To A Used Boxes Broker
Yes, there is such a thing as a broker for used boxes and packing materials. Most cities have companies and brokers who purchase used boxes for a small price and will sell them to other customers who’re willing to use second-hand boxes to move. Most of these companies will come to your home and pick up the boxes you want to sell and pay you a fair price. It’s a great way to help out other people and encourage reusing, while also getting paid to do so!