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When renting a new flat there are some things that you will want to be aware of. Here are some questions you should have answered by the landlord or apartment community manager before you considering renting the place. First of all you should have an idea of your monthly budget so that you know what you will be able to pay in rent each month. You should also ask what is included in the rent and what is not. Almost all serious landlords ask for a security deposit so you should be prepared to pay at least double rent the first month. You should also ask yourself how long you will stay so that you can ask the landlord on how long the lease will last.

When looking at the flat you should have a look at the building as well, it will give you an idea on the maintenance of the area. If there are graffiti on the walls, if there are garbage in the hallway, iron bars in the windows, lights not working, broken locks and things like this you may should consider moving somewhere else. Always when I move into a new flat I have a stroll around the area to see if there are any local restaurants, groceries, buses, running tracks or schools nearby. The neighborhood is almost as important as the flat itself. Ask the landlord about nearby things that you might have missed. Other necessities that are useful asking about are laundry room; will you have room for a washer in your apartment or is there one located in your building? If not, where is the nearest one and is it fresh and cheap?

If you have a pet you really should ask for the opportunities of having one in the flat. If you are moving from a house into a flat, please don’t bring your cat, an animal like that should have the choice to be outside whenever it wants to. But if you’re bringing your dog, ask if there are any restrictions or if it’s even allowed to have pets in the flat and if it is, ask if it will cost you extra.

If you would want to re-decorate the apartment you should really have permission to do so. Ask if the landlord is fine with you making holes in the walls or painting the kitchen or get rid of the old sofa standing in the living room. The last thing you want is to remake your flat and then don’t get your deposit back.

Of course different things are more or less important to different people but smaller things you should ask yourself are; are the windows secured or drafty? Is there anywhere you can store your things like bike and stroller, basement storage perhaps? Is the kitchen big enough for two to cook in? Are there any smoke or moisture damages? Is the balcony fresh? Can you keep flowers on it? Is it located so that you have the evening sun or is it mostly in shade all day? Do you prefer shower or bath tub? Is parking included and do you have your own parking space? How much does it cost? Is your place near a school so you will wake up from screaming children every day of the week? There are thousand things you may want to ask yourself but at the end of the day, finding a place to live is all about gut. If you feel the least uncomfortable with the place, maybe you should consider renting another flat. This is going to be your home where you should feel secure and relaxed.