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Getting to grips with storage is part of a move that you will likely putting off for later, but given that it can be one of the most troublesome parts of the process, you should probably get it sorted well in advance really. The trouble with storage is that you are paying the price of living beyond your means. If you have had to downsize and therefore have no room for certain belongings, then it is likely that you need to prioritize and downsize your belongings as well. Make some money from that which you do not have room for in your life, and sell of all that is extraneous. The issue with this school of thought lies in having pieces that you feel are too valuable to get rid of, whether emotionally or financially. If this is the case then you will need to make sure that storage is only a temporary occasion, as after a while, the rent that you will be paying for the storage units will be level with the value of the items inside and you will be leaking money all over the place, which is irresponsible and foolhardy.

If you must use storage, then there are several things to consider in terms of finding the value of a unit. You should look at location, type and size, and work out where your priorities lie, and how that affects your price. To start with, the location of your unit will depend on where you live, and how often you will need to visit the unit. If you live in Barnet, then you will likely already know that the price of space in London is high, and this does not change for storage. You will be paying a premium for London storage space, and it can be a good move to travel a little further in order to get those savings associated with reducing the rental cost of floorspace. Beware however, if you need to visit your items continually, then the cost of travel may well outweigh the savings that you had previously gained, so make sure you do the sums beforehand and make the clever decision.

Type of locker is something that you may not have thought about previously, but it can be a large factor in your Barnet storage experience and the worth of the unit. Some farmland owners will rent out barns, and certain house owners will rent out their garages. In these private rentals you will likely find great savings, and the prices will be low because the Landlord will not be able to compete with larger storage firms in service etcetera, but what do you need form a locker? Just a lock and key right? Wrong. DIY storage can be unchecked and prone to damp, temperature change, and rodents, so be aware that your savings may result in the deterioration of your items. Where is the value in storing your sofa if you collect it and it has been eaten by rats, or become moldy?

Size is a different ball game. You will know that larger units will cost more, so try and be as compact as you can in order to get the best value for money. If you are not completely sure as to what size you need, then try using the measurements of the van that you use to transport your items as a starting point, and make your decisions from there. The best way to make sure that you only need a small locker is to sell off everything that you won’t definitely need.