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Moving home is considered a stressful experience, it requires time, money and energy but if you organise things a bit, everything will run smoothly, without any unpleasant accidents. The best way of keeping everything in order is to do a checklist and stick to it. Here are a few tips on what you should put on your moving list.

• Check that your new home is properly insured and everything there is working. The same thing for your current accommodation, as even if you are moving, it doesn`t mean you can leave things broken. If you live in a rented property or you’re moving in one, make sure you let the landlord know the date when you will move out or in.

• In case you don`t have the time or resources to do it alone, you should start looking for a removal company which will help you move your belongings from one location to another. Though, if you decided you don’t need professional help, starting to collect boxes and other packing materials with a few weeks before is what you should do.

• Do not pack everything you have in the house, go through all your stuff and decide whether you need everything or not. This will spare you some time when unpacking in your new home. You can donate or recycle everything you don`t consider useful anymore. If a moving company Harrow will do the job for you, tell them how to label the packing boxes for every room you wish them to be put in.

• Before moving house to Harrow, you should also notify all the service providers (electricity, gas, bank, phone, water, TV license, internet provider, etc.) about your change of address. This way there will be few chances for you to have problems with them because of some unpaid bills. Also, you should go to your nearest post office and tell them you want to re-direct all your mail to your new address. To be sure that you will get all your mail sent to your new address, you should do it with at least five days before moving.

• If you are moving to a different area, make sure to register for a new doctor there and let your current one know that you are leaving. Also look for a new dentist or any other medical services you may need near the house you are moving in. This will spare a lot of time and worries when you will be in your new home.

• Try to avoid wasting the food you have in the freezer, by using it up before you move. If you are worried that you won`t have time or the necessary things to cook in the new home, make sure to get some takeaway flyers with you.

• Do not leave your important documents or valuables in the packing boxes. Put them in a safe place until you are done with the moving or keep them with you. This way, they won`t get lost or damaged in the process. Also, insure your valuable belongings by asking a specialist to assess how much they are worth.

• If you have kids, do not leave them unattended for the day, they might injure themselves or even cause accidents. The best option is to hire a babysitter or leave them with a family member or friend.