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Part of the Inner London area and situated just four miles away from the Charing Cross, this the Hampstead Village. Known for many things, this area is prior to all center of intellectual, musical and artistic associations. The park with the same name which can be seen on the territory of this part of the city is very nice and is stretched across the hills, surrounding the region. Along with few others parts of the Inner City, this is one of the most expensive parts of the capital concerning the prices of the real estate properties. That is why inside the boundaries of the neighborhood are living more millionaires compared to any other districts of the town.

The name of the area has its origins in an Anglo-Saxon word. Actually is it a compound of two words – ham and stede. The history of its existence goes back to the 17th century. The area was mostly famous with the waters that can be found in the place, which were known to be very rich in iron or other wise called chalybeate. Back in the 19th century the wells in the region were even beating the fashionable popularity of London spas. Unfortunately in the next years the resort was demolished and only the old fountain was left after the place was abandoned as a spot for vacations and health treatment.

Like most parts of the United Kingdom and London area, the development touched the area with the building and the progress of the railway road and transport. Though in the next centuries the place was not luxurious resort anymore, it is still region, when huge houses of rich people started to appear one by one.

The infrastructure and safe environment of this part of Inner London is making many people strongly desiring to come and live in the area. As it was mentioned before the region is home for many rich people, so the services are at very high level, including the moving companies. The opinion of the clients has put the MGR Removals on the first place according to the people’s choice. It makes no difference for the staff of the firm if the clients need house removal help, commercial and office relocation – the guys from MGR will come for you at any part of this Inner London side.

In case a person just needs to store any items for several days the removing company will also be able to take everything in their hands. The fact that MGR is specialized in relocation services just in this part of West London makes them very good in the organization and planning especially when people are coming in the area from other parts of the country or the continent.

Like everything else offered from this company, the packing materials with which the MGR will provide its clients are from very high quality and will be good for any kind of equipment, furniture and everything else.

Besides the people who are working “on the field” like the movers, there is enough staff back in the office that will answer your every email and phone call and will stay connected with each client during the removing, giving useful tips and advices. If you are pushed by the circumstances and you need last minute packing materials, you can visit the specialized company website and order anything necessary which will arrive just in time and will make you feel comfortable at every part of the relocation.