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Even if in the past few years, the SW3 self storage units have become more and more popular there are still a few beliefs that put a shadow on this. Most of them are related to the security, prices and the size of self storage units. But people don’t really know whether those myths are true or not, they assume are real and ignore the possibility of using self storage units. And they don’t do any research to see if what they heard is real or not when in fact they should. Therefore this article is going to answer and remove these misguided beliefs once for all:

1. How secure is self storage units?

You’ve probably seen on TV once or twice thefts, frauds and break-ins at self storage units, and it is normal that this news to worry you, but you have to know that this is not something that happens very often. There are indeed a few isolated cases but in every field are some bad experiences that happened as well. What you need to know is that the self storage facilities provide surveillance and CCTV cameras in position all around the site. Also, most of the self storage sites have computerized gates everywhere which are accessed by codes. Besides the codes there are also security guards stationed at the main door of the self storage facility which perform regular patrols all around the facility. Other security measures often used for self storage units are X-ray scanners and breach detection fences. After reading all this are you still convinced that your belongings are not safe?

2. What can be stored in a self storage unit?

The answer to this question is very simple. You can store virtually anything from small personal items to even cars and boats. Despite the general belief, the SW3 self storage units come in different sizes, which you allow you to store anything you want. You don’t have to worry that there will be no space for your items, because all the self storage facilities SW3 provide different unit sizes to meet your needs. And not only the self storage units come in different sizes, but they have also facilities such as temperature control for documents and other important papers.

3. Is self storage expensive?

The popular myth about self storage is that is very expensive. Well, in this case it depends what you understand by expensive. The most important thing you need to know is that the price you pay is calculated according to the period of time and the size of the self storage unit you rented. Therefore you pay for exactly for what you get. And if you are to consider the expenses that come when buying a new home just because you don’t have enough space in the current one , renting self storage units is really inexpensive compared to that. Moreover, you are not forced to keep your belongings in a certain storage units if you don’t want to anymore, because you pay the rent on a monthly basis, and not on a yearly lease.