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Being environmentally considerate may be en vogue for many celebrities and those who want to be seen to be working towards a good cause, but for many of us, the whirl of everyday life can get in the way of doing good for the planet, and most of the time we do not even realize the damage we may be having through our actions throughout the day. Moving house can be a great way to start fresh in life, and being a friend of the planet’s ecology is a great part of that, so follow our advice on environmentally friendly removals in Kentish Town for all the best in how to care for the planet as you move home.

The most obvious drain on the planet’s resources is fuel. When you are planning your move, keep in mind the amount that you use your car or van. The fewer trips you make in a motor vehicle, the better. We are not asking you do perform the whole move on a bicycle, but if are aware of the affect that the van has on the planet, then you can potentially make allowances for the van to only have to make one trip, as well as dashing about less in your car on the day. Give thought to the idea that you may not need your car in the new house. North London has many great transport links and is very easy to travel from, to all parts of the capital, as well as the rest of the country by train. Getting the bus is not as bad as you may think!

The next most obvious thing for consideration is recycling. Where are your packing materials from? Make sure that all of the cardboard boxes you use are recycled, or can be recycled after you use them. If you want to be double eco-conscious, then try asking around your family, friends, neighbors and local shops for unwanted boxes, you will be surprised by how many people have them hanging around, especially furniture and bike shops! If you find a box that is too large then it is an easy fix to cut and re-tape it to make it into a couple of smaller boxes, or vice versa. If you give yourself enough time to get everything sorted, then the possibilities are endless.

Using bubble wrap can be very harmful, as the plastics used in the material are not very bio-degradable. This means that if the bubble wrap finds its way to a landfill site, it will remain as litter and not break down for many thousands of years. Birds often get their heads stuck in plastic wrapping and die, and it affects other wildlife quite disastrously as well. The main issue with plastics is that it takes a lot of energy to produce them, which means the use of fuels, which are obviously both limited and harmful to the environment in the gasses that they produce. If you have to use bubble wrap, then make certain that it will be recycled, and not just binned. Tissue paper and recycled newsprint is a much better material to use, as it can protect just as well, and is much easier to recycle, as well as being more biodegradable.

We hope that these hints and tips to being an earth friendly resident of London have helped you prepare for the way you live life in your new home, and wish you all the best of luck in the future.