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Moving house requires a great many things, you will be swamped with all of the details that you just never gave any thought to until now, and it is these details that can make or break your move. Knowing what to look out for when you are moving house can be a life saving difference, and it is always those little things that you never really paid any attention to that will make the world of change in terms of making your move comfortable, safe and efficient.

Packing is one of the less well considered parts of a house move, you will likely think you have every idea as to how to get your possessions packed up, but in fact there is a subtle art to the process that can make your materials go further without compromising the safety of your items. While of course your concern for your precious valuables will over ride most other emotions at this point, you will need to put some thought in to making sure that the boxes that they are in are cleverly packed in order to maximize the space available, as well as keeping them light enough that they will be liftable and safe in the van. One way to make sure that your packing materials are up to the test of being part of a large move is to buy moving boxes in E14 from the removal experts, namely, your removals company.

Your removals company will no doubt be able to supply you with the ideal shapes and sizes of various boxes that they are used to carrying. Purchasing from them should mean you save on boxes over going out and getting them yourself, and the company will often deliver right to your door, reducing your stress as well as your outgoings. These boxes will help you breathe a sigh of relief as you will know that they are up to the job of keeping your items safe and secure. You may have been tempted to pick up some free or cheap recycled boxes from someone else’s previous move, but this can be an expensive mistake. Older boxes will have been taped, and re-taped, meaning that the seams where tape will be put can become rough and less sticky.

The edges of these boxes may well have suffered knocks, and this can mean that the structure of the boxes won’t stand up to any lateral tension, which means that the box will potentially twist when moved, or even fall a bit flat, which puts your items within in considerable danger of being crushed, should anything be placed on top. Boxes should be compatible with each other, and you should be able to stack them quite high in the van during the move, so if you feel like the strength of the boxes is not as it should be, then you will be risking the welfare of your belongings. Should a pile collapse because a lower box looses it’s shape, then the boxes that the pie falls on may also be damaged quite considerably. For this reason, you should only really buy new boxes, and make sure that every open edge is taped up well, especially on the bottom, as this can fall open, spilling the contents of your boxes all over the place. There is little that the most experience removals man can do about a box that hasn’t been taped up properly, so the responsibility lies with you to make sure that everything is safe and secure.