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A successful office removal relief on a few things. Firstly, time, then packing, then the movers. The main one is time however, as it will have a bearing on the other two as well as every part of the process in between. You will need to start planning your move well in advance, and for larger moves we would recommend at least a month of preparation beforehand. This may seem excessive, but until you come to terms with the myriad of issues that moving an office throws up, you will not know exactly how long things are going to take, and this being the case, it is better to find out your time scale in advance, than too late. With this in mind, you should set out a list of everything that needs doing, and run it past other members of the business to make sure it corresponds with their thoughts on the move. While you may be in charge of the move, it is often helpful to have some perspective from the outside, as it is easy to miss certain things when you are so heavily involved in others. Once you are sure that you have a verified and checked list of thing that need to be done, then you can start to assign these tasks to others to perform, as well as listing them on a time table of days leading up to the move date. It is important that you spread the workload out so that it doesn’t interfere too much with the everyday running of the office, as this can reduce productivity to a point where you will be jeopardizing profits, which is the opposite of what your company needs. With proper planning, you should be able to look at the move without any fear, as it has been reduced in to manageable chunks to be sorted by various people. If you stick to your plan then you should not go too far wrong with the move!

Packing will be the difference between a smooth running move Clapham with few breakages, to a disaster. With much office equipment, there needs to be a great deal of care put in to make sure that you have no accidents. Computer monitors need to be protected on all sides, but especially on the screen, and printers and scanner will need to be housed in sturdy boxes, as while they may seem robust, they can break very easily and will costs thousands to replace in some cases. If you feel like you cannot risk anything going wrong, it may be worth paying for the removals company to pack your office up, as they will then be liable for any breakages incurred during the move, as they were responsible for both packing and moving everything. if you are to do things yourself, then make sure that you and whoever is packing with you are armed with as much bubble wrap, newsprint and packing tape as you can possibly manage.

The right removals company will make all the difference to the process, as they will have the wealth of experience in the industry that most of just do not have. Being able to trust in your removal company Clapham will mean that you can relax that little more, and will have room in your head to think about things other than just the move. This will make you a lot more relaxed overall, and therefore better placed to deal with your responsibilities during the move.

We wish you the best of luck with your Clapham office move!