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What exactly is a relocation company and do you need one? If you’re unsure, this article is for you, as we break down what to look for when comparing relocation companies.

First things first, are you relocating? If you’re simply moving house, then such an expansive service probably isn’t for you. However, if you’ve just landed yourself the dream job in a new area or perhaps are setting up home abroad, then a relocation company can offer you a wealth of expert advice and a bespoke service to make such a transition as seamless as possible.

Often, an employer will offer this service, or could point you in the direction of some recommended companies, but if not, it’s now time to start comparing relocation companies, and online is the perfect place to start.


As with anything, cost is an important factor – but it should no way be the be all and end all to your decision, especially if you’re moving abroad. It will be time consuming but necessary to factor in all the costs of any relocation service, including any differences in currency and to understand what each service is providing.

The type of company

If you simply need a company to transport your possessions from A – B, then you’re in luck, as there are a wealth of companies offering just that at competitive prices. But what if you’re looking for a little bit more? Do you need assistance in your new country, have you found somewhere to live and do you have a family moving with you who will also need tailored guidance in such a move? If so, there are many companies offering all sorts of bespoke advice and package relocation services to make an international move as easy as possible, so it’s best to draw up a list now of services you might require:

A few questions to consider:

Are you familiar with your new location?
Will you need to learn the language?
Are you going to have to find a local school?
Do you understand the tax and health system and is your employer providing enough information?
Are you bringing furniture or will you need to buy it there?
There are many more factors to consider, and although it may seem like a never ending list of concerns and possibilities, the great news is, there are relocation companies offering services to take the stress out of such issues.


Once you’ve pinpointed exactly the type of service or package you might need, you can now get down to the nitty gritty of choosing a company. It’s always best to choose a service based in your home location, as it’s easier to get in contact or visit their offices, and it’s easy to conduct comparisons and find reviews online. Start by shortlisting a few possible companies, no more than five, and then get in touch.

Ask for any guidance and advice on what services they have which best caters to your needs. At this point you will be aware of the type of relocation packages they offer and what you require, so you’re in the perfect position to ask for the finer details, costs and to finalise dates etc. Often, at this stage, you’ll generally get a good feeling about one or two of the companies, perhaps it’s the range of services they provide, easy to understand conditions or even just a very helpful chat. Often, these finer points are what will sell the company to you.

Once you’ve settled on a company and service, you can now get back to enjoying your relocation, planning more interesting things such as day trips and what to wear when you start your new job.