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Packing safely to save time when unpacking in Croydon may sound like an unassociated set of ideas, but the connection between packing and safety as well as time saving can be all important. If you are unaware of how to pack things perfectly then you should get to know the ins and out of the process, as it can the factor that makes your Croydon move and easy one rather than a damage prone waste of time. When packing the key is in being sparing but sensible, and this will ultimately mean that you can unpack everything with the utmost ease and less breakages.

Firstly, packing materials. You will need strong new boxes. Old boxes will likely have been damaged, and you do not want to risk their structure being anything less than perfectly strong. This is for a number of reasons, which stem from the box’s stack ability. If a box has rigid edges then it will form a flat surface, upon which other boxes can be stacked. In this format, the boxes will bunch together safely in the van, and not be rocked around too much b the movements of the transportation process. A still box is a safe box, and while it stays wedged, the contents will remain safe. If a box has bent corners of cuts in it, it will flex under weight and could send the pile crashing down when the van is moving. In this instance, boxes will fall from a height on to other boxes, at which point the structure of these boxes will either stand up to the knocks, or will crumple. Newer boxes should stand up to such accidents if taped properly.

Packing tape is valuable stuff, always get more than you think you need, as it runs out at the most inopportune times.

Newspaper is better for the environment and your wallet than bubble wrap. You will probably want to use bubble wrap for more delicate items, but if you overdo it, things will become expensive and your wrapping will take up valuable space in the boxes. For this reason, a sheet of paper between certain items, like plates or mugs, will suffice, preventing marking and being thin enough to save space. Scrunched up newspaper will take up space between the items are prevent too much movement going on, which will act just as well as bubble wrap would. There is very little that two layers of bubble wrap will protect against that a single layer would not, and that is worth remembering.

When taping newspaper and bubble wrap up, do it with small and strategic placements of tape, rather than binding things up. This will make unpacking much quicker, and also save expensive materials like tape.

When packing up your boxes, make sure that they are taped along every connecting line, to make the boxes as strong as possible. This will prevent the bottoms opening up when being carried, as well as making the shape of the boxes stronger, and less likely to warp, causing accidents. Labeling the boxes will give you a good chance to make the unpacking process that little bit quicker as well. A loose inventory on each box will mean that that you are not continually looking for things in other boxes, and will mean that each box will be dropped in the right room for its contents, saving you moving things around once the Croydon removals team have left. Simply labeling the box with the name of its room can be enough to save you a great deal of time in the long run!