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Packing for a house removal is a lengthy process, especially if you choose to do it on your own. There are many removals companies on the market which offer a wide variety of services. You can either choose a full house removal, or you can do the packing and unpacking yourself. Another option is to even load and arrange the boxes inside the moving van and drive it. If you have never loaded a moving truck before, there are some things you need to consider. First of all, it’s all about choosing the right size, based on how big your home is and how many boxes you are going to have. A bigger van means a higher price, but it’s worth the money, because this way you can manage to move everything with just one trip. Loading a van is all about using its full potential – void space means you are paying for space you aren’t using, it leads to more trips and if you are doing a rather long distance removal, this could be a problem. There are many tips and guidelines on how to load the van properly. What you need to know is that it is hard work and requires physical labour. It can lead to injury, back pain or damaged items. Know the risks before you start and then try to do it like the professionals. Utilizing a van’s full potential is not as hard as it may seem.

First of all, you need to unscrew the furniture which then can be packed flat. This may seem like a waste of valuable time, but it is a clever idea. It saves space and therefore money and it also lowers the risk of breaking a table’s leg for example. Make sure you put all the nails, screws and small parts in a ziplock bag and then tape it to the furniture they belong to. The idea is to keep everything together so the unpacking and rebuilding process doesn’t become a nightmare. When you pack duvets, cushions and pillows, it can be hard as they take lots of space. You can either invest in a few vacuum bags, or you can put them in bin bags. The second option is a very clever idea, because you can put these bags between furniture and other packed items inside the van and they will provide the necessary cushioning.

A good idea is to put socks in shoes to prevent them from being squashed. For an easier unpacking process once you’ve moved in the new place, you can prepare a backpack with essentials for every member of the family, or one mutual. This is where you toothbrushes will be, washing essentials, clean clothing and other necessary items. Remember to put tags on handbags so you don’t have to open each one to check what’s inside. Handbags can also be sneaked in between other items inside the truck. Keep in mind that the heavier boxes should be at the bottom, with the ones with china and glassware on top. The more cushioning you provide, the safer your items will be during the transportation. Loading a moving van is not a fast process, so don’t rush it – the idea is to use the space properly and to arrange the boxes in a safe way. Moving never goes exactly by its initial plan so make sure you do things right, no matter how long it takes. Get plenty of help from friends and relatives and you will manage just like the professionals do.