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What is it that makes a move harder than it is in the first place? Moving with your spouse and children definitely adds pressure to the experience and makes everything more stressful. On the one hand, it’s great to be able to move for a job opportunity with your family, so you can depend on their support. On the other hand, this situation could lead to lots of various emotions and you can be sure that it will inevitably affect everyone. The first person you need to talk to is your spouse. If you are the one who needs to move and you want your spouse to follow you, this will change their life too, so you need to carefully drop the news. It will most probably lead to them losing their job and this can be extremely stressful and unexpected. Add to that the usual stress of house relocation and it’s not a pretty sight. Next, you need to speak to your children about the move.

Whether they are little children or teenagers, they deserve to know what’s going on so they can prepare too. Be ready to have more than one serious conversation as they will need lots of reassurance that the move is nothing to fear and be worried about. The emotions that your children will go through will be tough for everyone, but it’s inevitable. After you have dealt with the initial communication stage, you have to proceed with the organization of the move. This means that you have to make a checklist of tasks for the next few weeks or months, think of an approximate date for the move, research moving companies, deliberate on packing and unpacking and deal with all the other details of the move – find a new school for your children, changing your utility service companies, getting all your records, diplomas and transcripts in one place, booking flights, accommodation and even temporary storage.

All of these tasks will seem like mission impossible, if you don’t have the support of your family and if you keep them in the dark throughout the process. The easiest way to manage with this tough challenge is by discussing each stage with them and allowing them to give advice and get involved in the moving process as much as they are willing to. Discuss the future school with your children and take them to the new city, if possible, so they can meet their teachers and take a look at the new neighborhood.

Choose the time for the move wisely as this will affect many things. Summer is the most convenient time in terms of school and weather, but it is also the most expensive one and the busiest, so you have to hire the mover much earlier – in early or mid-spring. If you can choose the time, then make sure it’s before your children’s new school year, ideally 3-4 weeks before it, so they have the chance to adapt to the city and the new setting. Moving with your entire family is not easy, but hopefully this would be the hardest thing your family will ever go through. Make sure you take these useful tips into consideration and your move to Pimlico will go smoother and easier than you’d expected.