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The journey from London to Cambridge is a fair old distance for anyone, but usually the train journey or the drive will be quite pleasant. If you are moving house however, it will likely seem far from pleasant, in that you will be stressed and spending large amounts of money in order to make sure that everything goes ahead just right and nothing is damaged in the process. It needn’t be all bad however, as there are plenty of ideas and tricks t make your move much more pleasant, and perhaps even enjoyable, dare we say it!

Start by planning everything out in fastidious detail. Make large headers for different parts of the move, and make sub headings that cover every process that needs doing, as well as who will be doing them and how to make it cheaper. Work out how much time things should take and spread yourself thinly, so that the move does not take over. If you do an hour or so every evening for a few weeks rather than two or three days of mad dashing to get things done at the last minute then you should avoid any panic attacks or stress fits! Run your plan by your family to see if they think it is a good and realistic timetable, and get everyone involved. Getting the kids to pack up their own rooms will help you, and don’t let your other half get away with not doing anything, as sharing the load will make things a whole load easier.

Sorting out your removal company should be treated with some care as they can make all the difference as well. Use a company who offer you the perfect service for your needs alongside the perfect price for your budget. This may sound unrealistic and fanciful, but it is possible if you get enough quotes and a decent evaluation from a couple of companies. Using this information you can start to barter down your price and get the costs just right. You may realise that you do not even need to use a removals firm, and a Man and Van outfit will do, in which case you are in line for some serious savings. Getting the size of the van right will make things cheaper and easier however, so make sure you do your research!

Check that the new place is ready for you. Before your Cambridge move in is the perfect time to do any major work or redecorating that you may have envisioned when you bought the place. It will mean that your new house is fresh from the start, as well as meaning that you can avoid getting all of your belongings dusty or paint splattered! This is a good time to make sure that your new place is well insulated as this will be a great way of saving money in the future, and again, getting such work done can be really difficult with all of your furniture in the way.

The main thing to do make sure your move from London to Cambridge is easy and smooth is to stay calm. Getting panicked or stressed will turn you in to a proper monster in the eyes of those around you and it can ruin relationships with the moving team as well as your family. Such relationships are more important than ever when you are completing a move, and will make things much better if there are good channels of communication to be used.