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Insurance is important when moving home as it helps to safeguard you against the cost of replacing or repairing anything damaged during your move. For many, the idea of arranging insurance for their move is one more task to add to the list and it can often be forgotten. However, if you choose a respectable legitimate Stockwell Removal company you will find that they are already equipped with insurance. This means you don’t have to worry about taking out your own policy as your firm will have it all sorted for you.

The benefit of having insurance is that you can have the peace of mind knowing that your items are protected. If some harm does come to any of your belongings you are able to claim against the Stockwell removals insurance and get your item repaired or replaced. However, not all removal companies will have insurance so it is best to check with your removal company Stockwell first to make sure they have insurance in place. Having insurance is a key indication that the company is a legitimate and professional company as they have spent time and money making sure your items are protected. Not having insurance is a sign of cowboy and unprofessional companies as they will be less likely to look after your belongings if there is no insurance and therefore no re-percussions if they do damage or lose anything.

To make sure you hire a legitimate Stockwell mover that will be insured, you must take steps to avoid the dodgy companies out there. Firstly it is always best to get quotes from more than one company, this way you can suss out the expected cost of your removal as well as seeing which companies are legitimate and which aren’t. Though it is not a rule that the most expensive company will give you the best service, it is often the cases that if a price is too good to be true then it probably is. By finding a rough price you will be able to see if the quotes your companies give you are around the industry standard. A legitimate company will not only be providing a service but they are providing you with years of expertise and care which comes at a price.

As well as this it is good to make sure you have more than just a telephone number on which to contact your SW9 removal company. Having an address of an office and an email address often shows which companies are legitimate and which aren’t. If you only have a contact number for your company you may be at risk of them disappearing and never answering the phone again.

Most importantly however, is that you get confirmation of their insurance. If you don’t see written documented evidence that your belongings are covered by company insurance then they probably aren’t. Legitimate SW9 removal companies will provide you with relevant documentation showing you the type of cover and who they are insured with so that you can check the cover is valid if you so wish. If a company is unwilling to show you documented evidence of insurance then you might want to look elsewhere as this may be a sign that they either don’t have any, it isn’t what they say it is, or that is has run out. The last thing you want is to hire a company thinking you are covered only to find you weren’t when you come to make a claim for a broken item.