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In the countries in which the percentage of people who go through relocations every year is high, one fifth of those who relocate are very small children. Taking care of a child in the middle of a move is a serious challenge and since one in five is an infant or no older than three years old if you are moving you will probably happen to be one of those people who will have to go through a move with a very young child. The picture is much more frightening than you might think because relocating brings as much anxiety in children’s minds as it brings in yours. As a mother or a father you have to do everything you can in order to make the move for your child as enjoyable and possible as you possibly can. When children are in such an important but dangerous age nothing should stress them too much so take the necessary precautions. However, infants or two or three year-olds can rarely comprehend that a move is actually taking place. All you have to really do is make sure their everyday activities are not interrupted and that there is something to move their attention away from the relocation.

You could hire a nanny to take care of them if you will be too busy working on the move but what people usually do is to pay for the services of a moving company and spend time with their child while the professionals are doing their job. It is advisable that you do the same. Make sure they have enough sleep, feed them on time and most importantly entertain them in order to take their mind off the ongoing work. If you are a parent of a small child you would probably know that but never leave them. The easiest way for a child to become stressed is if it feels insecure and alone. You might be forced to leave your child for several hours or a day during the transportation of your stuff to your new property so make sure they feel okay while they are travelling. Let them know that everything will be okay and make sure that they are left under the care of someone reliable.

Relocating with your child is not necessary an endless attempt to protect it from stress especially if the child is three of four years old. It might be fun if you ask it to assist you with something easy. He would probably get angry or in some way annoyed if you don’t pay him as much attention as you pay for the relocation. Also, while you are travelling to your new living place, entertain your child. You can take him on some playing ground or maybe a park on the road. Talk to your child, make him or her laugh and let it have a great time. Don’t allow it to get tired. Have enough breaks during your travel. And of course do not neglect safety precautions. Don’t let it go near any of the hazardous and health-threatening parts of the relocation while you are still in the house like for instance the loading of the heaviest of your belongings in the transportation vehicle. While you are on the road, in the car, put the seatbelt and bring everything you can think of in order to make the journey comfortable-drinks, clothes, toys, etc.