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Moving house brings lots of hassle and chaos to every family or homeowner. Handled correctly and assisted by a good removals company, a furniture removal doesn’t have to be such a burden, but it does need the right preparation. Transporting an entire household either to a local location or interstate is a big responsibility.

Many things can go wrong if one isn’t careful and well-organized. The ideal option is of course to hire a team of movers who are trained and experienced and will manage within your desired time frame. However, a family’s budget is often not enough to pay for a full house removal, which means that they can afford to hire the truck and a driver and pay the movers to load and unload, but need to manage the packing and unpacking process on their own. This is not such a big problem, but packing is indeed a long process and it needs some investment too. There are some basic guidelines for a furniture removal that anyone can master, thus avoiding to pay for some additional services.

First of all, be aware of the entire inventory you need to transport and especially the large furniture. Any parts which you can disassemble should be, as this will secure a safer transportation. Table’s legs, beds, wardrobes, shelves, sofas – these can take lots of extra space in the moving truck. Make sure you know which pieces you can disassemble, but above all – how to assemble them back again. Take drawers out of chests and never transport drawers full of items. Furniture which has glass parts should also be disassembled, with the glass wrapped in bubble wrap and other protective material, put in horizontal position inside the truck. Invest in transparent sealable bags – there you can put all the small parts from the furniture – nails, bolts, screws, etc. After that tape the bag to the wrapped furniture the parts belong to. Make sure you have enough protective material: newspaper, bubble wrap, foam padding and blankets. Even a bag full of clothes can be used as a cushioning and put between furniture inside the truck. It will decrease the movement and prevent from scratching or damage.

It’s essential to treat your furniture carefully – the larger pieces should be moved first and loaded inside the furthest end of the truck. Do not rush the process of moving furniture, even if you have help. It simply isn’t worth the risk of damaging something while loading. Be careful while taking the furniture out of the house as this is when most damage occurs – to the edges of the pieces and to the house itself. Don’t slide the heavy furniture as you will inevitably damage the floor and the bottom of the furniture.

The best way to move furniture is after it is all covered in moving blankets which reduce the risk of scratching and chipping pieces of its polish or paint. Never tip a fridge sideways as you will damage its functionality. If you don’t know how to manage with particularly big furniture and appliances get some trolleys, take a step back and decide upon the easiest way to move them, without getting too frustrated. Trolleys are really useful for moving the boxes to the truck and during the unloading process too. If you cannot afford to hire movers for each process during the furniture removal, then at least follow these guidelines which will help you manage like a professional.