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When you are moving house there are so many things to think about that you will often find yourself just going with the first option that you find in order to get the job done quickly and to just avoid thinking about anything too much! Your brain will be completely frazzled for much of the time during the N1move, and having to consider things beyond face value can be really testing of your patience. We’ll try to give you a few easy to follow hints and tips as to how to get the truth from online reviews and distinguish the real movers reviews when choosing a removal company. You may feel that there is little point in troubling yourself with the ins and outs of all of these silly online reviews, but they can be crucial in letting you know whether the company with the flashy website and cheap prices is actually a cowboy outfit who will take your deposit and never turn up, or whether the less exciting looking firm are actually worth their weight in gold!

Firstly, finding the right reviews is important, there may be quotes and commendations all over the sites of any N1 mover that you look in to, but they are always going to be positive ones placed there in order to instill a sense of trust in the company. The real places for reviews are independent consumer sites who take in reviews from customers and display the good against the bad. These sites are perfect for your needs as they often have a star system, by which you can look up a removals company and immediately see how they score out of five or ten, depending on the site. If you have a good idea as to who you’d like to use, having researched the firms in your area, then you can just look up their name on the site, and you will immediately know whether they are good, average or poor. Take these star systems seriously, but do not let yourself put a mover out of the question based upon these systems, as there will often be a star dropped here and there for genuine mistakes and the like, which a disgruntled customer may have overreacted to.

The customer reviews are the real meat of the issue. Here you can get to know what sorts of habits the companies have, and whether there are any traits that make them completely unusable. Certain companies will have a three star rating because they are consistently late turning up, or always get lost, and it is these sorts of things that you want to avoid. There will also be horror stories about movers never turning up and leaving the customer in the lurch on an all important move day, so watch out for these, as often they are sign that the company should not be trusted, even if it is only a one off. The reviews to really look out for are the consistently good ones. having one or two great reviews does not make a company perfect, the proof is in a good stock of satisfied customers, whose reviews assure you that the company will perform to the highest standards, whatever the day, no matter the weather.

We hope that our few tricks and tips for finding the best reviews for your removals company N1have helped you along the way to having an easy move, just remember, don’t believe everything you read, and take quantity as well as quality when it comes to feedback!