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Organising Your Moving Day

You are obviously excited about moving house and the big day is finally here. But all good things come at price, and so does moving into a new home. Moving is one of the most overwhelming and stressful experiences in life, no matter how often you have done that. But you can bring the stress level down to normal by follow some of our easy tips and paying attention to areas that most people normally forget to pay attention to.1.    Give your removals company proper instructionIf you are going to be busy handling the move at one end, make sure you have someone on the other end ready to guide the movers when they arrive. Ensure that your removals experts have a floor plan of your new property and know which rooms to keep the boxes and furniture in. If you have already picked up the key to the property, make sure some on the moving team also has a copy so that they can access your new home and begin unloading if you are delayed for some reason.2.    Prepare for a tiring dayNo matter how much help you get and how little things you need to move, it is going to tire you out. If you have kids and pets to mind then it is going to be even more exhausting. So make sure you get a good night’s rest before the big day. Your bedroom is probably going to be the first room that you are going to set up in the new house, but even if that is not the case, make sure you have your bed linen, duvet and pillows handy in a box that either travels with you or will be unloaded first from the moving van. Have your first night kit ready and include easy to prepare meals and fresh towels and bath accessories for a good, hot shower after a tiring, dusty day.3.    Be the last to leaveIt might be difficult for you to come back to the property after you have left once so make sure you inspect the property finally before the last removal van leaves. You might want to take pictures of the property you are leaving behind and the conditions of the items you are loading in case of any disputes later on, either with the landlord or the moving company.4.    Arrange for foodYou will obviously need to eat on moving day, and possibly have a cu or two of tea or coffee. In all likeliness, you will not have a functioning kitchen ready in either place. So unless you have really good friends or neighbours who will bring you sandwiches and tea, you might want to make some the previous night or early morning and pack them to eat later. Keep a food basket contain these snacks, flasks of drinks, cups, cutlery, plates and other things in your car.5.    Keep your mobile chargedOn the day of the move, you will need to get in touch with several members of the moving crew, your family members, friends and others. So make sure your battery is charged to the full and that your mobile is always close at hand so that people can reach you easily. 6.    Check utilitiesBefore you leave, make sure that you turn off the gas, electricity and water at the mains and shut the windows and doors properly. Make a note of the meter readings at both the old and new property and make sure that everything is functional in your new home.