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A man and van service will be the best answer for a small move that anyone could hope for. Unless of course you are looking for high effort for little cost, in which case a self drive van rental may be a good option. However, a more relaxed version is the man and van, and for a smaller move, it can’t really be beaten. Distance is a factor, but you will have to do some calculations as to how you want to proceed either way, which will involve summing up a few options into a decision on how you want to go ahead. You should find that you have a great many options in your area for a man with van service, and whilst this can be a great thing in giving you a variety of choice, it may well be a bit of a hindrance in that it will get in the way of knowing what to go for! However, looking over the following tips should give you an idea as to what you want form your man with van service.

For a start, you should always apply the ‘friends and family filter’ to your search before you do anything else. There is no pint in wading aimlessly through the results on a search engine when you could be going direct to a great service that was recommended by a friend. If you are able to get a recommendation from someone that you trust then you know that you are dealing with a decent service, and are much less likely to get ripped off! As long as the prices seem to stack up with other services then you can’t go wrong if the driver has been test driven for you!

However you find your man and a van service, be sure to have a conversation with them as to how you want to do the job. You will find that different drivers like to do things differently, and whilst one will be totally fine with loading a van to the ceiling, others will be a lot more conservative. You want someone that gives the impression that the customer comes first, and who is happy to go the extra mile to give you customer satisfaction, which you will most likely be able to tell form the way that they speak about the job. If you get a bad vibe from the driver then find someone else, there are plenty of fish in the sea of man and van services!

Be aware that many services differ in the way that you pay as well. You will find that some ask you for a price upfront, whereas others will simply charge by the hour. There may be changes to both when you go beyond a certain distance, or even a charge to book the van out indifferently for the day. You will find that some services are a little sneaky however, and will offer a very low hourly rate, but add charges for things like help form the driver, or fuel per mile, which will send the total right up to the same level as other hourly rates, sometimes even more! Don’t be sucked in by this, as it can be difficult to refuse at the end of the job! On a similar note be completely sure that you are agreed with a set price in advance of the move, and then check again as you set off, so that there is no chance for the driver to try and pull a fast one by demanding more at a late point!